We offer all the support services you need, whether raising capital, maximizing the bottom line or creating public-private partnerships.

Acquisition & Development

LPRI is active in the Urban Parking Assets marketplace, well-capitalized, and currently looking to transact on high-quality parking assets ranging from $3mm – $100mm+. Whether you are looking to raise capital, create additional capacity, or simply exit a parking asset, LPRI is your partner in parking by helping to:

  • Generate capital for redeployment
  • Relieve financial pressure
  • Provide a turnkey “build to suit” parking solution
  • Separate a garage or other parking asset from a larger developmentt
  • Partner with existing ownership
  • Allow ownership to focus on its core business while ensuring parkers a high quality customer experience

Parking Investment Management

LPRI offers a full suite of third-party Parking Investment Management services to owners looking to retain ownership while improving their bottom line and their customer’s parking experience. We go beyond asset management to offer comprehensive solutions for all types of parking assets, including:

  • Revenue Optimization & Cost Control
  • Tax Management
  • End-to-End Project parking and real estate construction management
  • Financing
  • Asset Disposition

Public-Private Partnerships (P3S)

LPRI has been a pioneer of public-private partnerships and concession agreements within the parking sector over the past 13 years. These deals typically include a large up-front payment in exchange for a long-term master lease of existing or to-be-developed parking assets. Deal structure varies greatly but can include revenue sharing, transfer of some or all risks and other considerations that are tailored to the needs of the concessionaire. We currently operate:

  • The largest on-street parking concession in the nation (Chicago Parking Meters)
  • The only university parking concessions nationwide (Ohio State University & Eastern Michigan University)