Investment Strategies

Laz Parking Realty Investors is a leading private investor in parking assets and long-term concessions in the United States.

LPRI’s financial partners include institutional and high net worth investors. We identify, diligence and acquire parking assets nationwide; where we see opportunities to add value through experienced ownership and operation.  Our investment strategy targets cash flowing, urban-centric, in-fill parking assets in supply constrained locations with capital appreciation potential.  We seek attractive risk adjusted returns by investing in assets across the risk spectrum from stable, secure, mature assets to opportunistic properties with multiple possibilities for substantially increasing net income through professional management, operating efficiencies and modest capital improvements.  We concentrate on the top 50 MSAs with a focus on major markets.  Our capital plans utilize conservative leverage of 55-65% loan to value to enhance equity returns while maintaining a stable capital structure.  Finally, we focus on properties with multiple proximate demand generators.